• 100% of the profit from the Wynwood Pride Festival go to Wynwood Pride, Inc (a Florida 501c3)
  • Wynwood Pride, Inc has pledged to donate a minimum of ​$2,500 to each of our 3 partner organizations in the fields of Youth (Pridelines), Justice (Astraea Foundation), and Health (Survivor’s Pathway) on this, our inaugural year.
  • Our Community Outreach Village, which consists of 15 local non-profits organizations, have individually received a FREE 3-Day BOOTH at the festival, an in-kind value of ($500-$1250 each)
  • Our beneficiaries receive 100% of the on-site CashApp text-to-donate campaign supported by an in-kind video created in collaboration with HGAB screened throughout the festival from the main stage.
  • Our local youth non-profit Pridelines will receive 30% of the profits from the bar in their zone.
  • Our local health non-profit Survivor’s Pathway will receive 100% of the proceeds from Rise and Soul Shine Yoga program Saturday, June 22rd
  • As well as additional fundraising activations with local business dedicating a percentage of profits from Wynwood Pride events throughout June Pride Month including: Veza Sur Brewing Co. for Survivors Pathway, The Broken Shaker for Pridelines, and The Standard hotel for Astraea Foundation.
  • Again, 100% of the profits from the Wynwood Pride Festival goes to Wynwood Pride, Inc (a Florida 501c3) to continue to organize Wynwood Pride Festivals and support vital non-profits for years to come!


Astraea fuels local and global movements that shift power to LGBTQI People and organizations pursuing social justice and human rights – prioritizing groups led by lesbians and queer women, trans and gender non-conforming people, intersex people, and people of color.


Pridelines supports, educates, and empowers South Florida’s LGBTQ youth and community in safe and diverse spaces to promote dialogue, wellness, and foster social change.


Survivor’s Pathway delivers lifesaving psychotherapy counseling and services to LGBTQI / Latino survivors of domestic, sexual and intimate partner violence human trafficking and other types of victimization.